Renaissance Realty Associates, LLC.

Brooklyn, New York


608 Rugby Road Brooklyn, NY 11230          

608 Rugby Road, Brooklyn NY

Directions from Manhattan:

Take the B train toward Brighton Beach. Arrive at Newkirk Avenue. Exit the train and go southwest on Newkirk Ave. Turn left onto Rugby Road and the building is on the right.

(The B or Q train can be taken to Newkirk Avenue Station.)

About the Location:

608 Rugby Road is located in a diverse area with stores and restaurants reflecting this mix. 11230 is just south of the zip code US News and World Report considered to be “the most diverse neighborhood in the United States,” a stat that posters displayed on many of the shop windows still proclaim. The neighborhood is quite unique. The owners of the private homes that surround the building hold flea markets from time to time in the beautiful tree-lined area.

About two blocks away, the Flatbush Development Council’s Walking Tour of this neighborhood sells Newkirk Plaza as “the oldest shopping mall in America." Within a block away is also a Mormon Church, a Unification Church, and just around the corner on Newkirk, the storefront, Bilal Masjid.

The building is located between Newkirk Avenue and Foster Avenue, the route of the B8 bus, and lined with very many types of stores. A short block away is Newkirk Plaza, a very diverse commerciality, and the station for the B and Q trains, and more stores on its side of Newkirk Avenue and eastward, including a USPS office. There are four Laundromats within 1 block of the building.