Renaissance Realty Associates, LLC.

Brooklyn, New York


925 Prospect Place, NY 11213
Building Information & Schedules

Our Prospect Place building aka Prospect Palace aka The Pierre was built between 1933 & 1936 and is located in the Crown Heights area of Kings County. The elevator building has 6 stories, covers 86,804 square feet, and consists of 82 units. There are two onsite superintendents and monthly extermination maintenance provided for our tenants living in this building.

925 Prospect Place features 2 elevators for its 6 floors and basement, which leads to a spacious laundry room with newly-installed washers and dryers.   There is very detailed architecture throughout the building.  The immense lobby has pleasantly floral-pattern-decorated walls and the apartments look as if care was taken in the detail of their construction. 

The living rooms generally feature sunken parquet hardwood floors and built-in cabinetry.  

The building was featured as "Building of the Day" in the Brownstoner in an article written by Montrose Morris on May 2, 2013.  Click here.