Renaissance Realty Associates, LLC.

Brooklyn, New York


2815 Beverly Road, NY 11226                  

2815 Beverly Road, Brooklyn NY

Directions from Manhattan:

Take the 2 train toward Flatbush Ave - Brooklyn College. Get off at Beverly Road and go west on Beverly Road. The building is on the right.

(You can take either the 2 or the 5 train to Flatbush Ave - Brooklyn College.)

About this Location:

2815 Beverly Road is well situated with regard to transportation and shopping. The 2 and 5 subways are available from the Beverly Road station 1½ short city blocks east of the building at Nostrand Ave. route, also of the B44 bus going southbound to Brooklyn Junction/Brooklyn College. The 2 and 5 trains go to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

The building is 4 blocks east of the big Sears complex and its automotive center at Rogers Ave. There are a lot of stores along Nostrand Avenue. The immediate area is a mix of apartment buildings and private homes with a moderate amount of foliage. Across the street from the building one will find new private home construction mostly built in the last 15 years.